To celebrate and promote Jewish history, life and culture and their positive and far-reaching impact on the world.

The definition of 'YIDDISHKAYT' is JEWISHNESS.

The YIDDISHKAYT INITIATIVE supports the Preservation, Promotion, Presentation and Production of EVERYTHING related to JEWISH ARTS AND CULTURE.

YIDDISHKAYT INITIATIVE has been formed to create a new GLOBAL FORUM for the celebration of Jewish Education and Culture, appealing to Jews and non-Jews alike.

Lower Right: Theo Bikel, Miriam Hoffman and Fyvush Finkel

Lower Right: Theo Bikel, Miriam Hoffman and Fyvush Finkel

Over the centuries, the term “wandering Jew” has described our migration from country to country. But today’s Jews are wandering in a different direction… away from their Jewish heritage. What can we do to bring them back - to reignite their passion for Jewish history, life and culture?

In seeking direction back to our Jewish identity, one can look to theatre, where “Fiddler on the Roof” still plays to global standing room audiences of Jews and non-Jews alike, decades after its premiere, currently playing in NY to ‘Sell Out’ crowds in Yiddish.

Performing arts, film and television, literature, comedy, art, music, language, even food - all of these elements “bake” Jewishness in as a key ingredient.

Such is the powerful attraction of our very Jewishness - our Yiddishkayt - A celebration of our centuries-old rich Jewish culture. And that is the impetus for a new and exciting non-profit venture on a mission to bring our precious heritage back to the forefront of Jewish life -

The Yiddishkayt Initiative.